All About Hardwood

More than 17 years ago, several wood flooring professionals met to discuss the need for an association that would help promote the wood flooring industry. That same year, the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) was born. Today the NWFA includes members from all over the world, all dedicated to promoting and advancing the wood flooring industry. NWFA members are a diversified group, spanning all ages and all skill levels, working together to exchange ideas, advance their skills, and increase their knowledge.
Funtanellas & Sons is a member of NWFA in good standing for over two decades. The most accurate and useful information we can provide you about Hardwood and the Hardwood industry can be found at NWFA. Which topics include:

- All About Hardwood Floors
- Species of Wood (click here)
- Wood Floor Finishes (click here)
- Room Design Center (click here)

Additionally, we suggest you visit a hardwood floor showroom. An excellent choice in Sonoma County would be Higgins Lumber.

Their showroom has a wide variety of types, styles and species of hardwood, and their sales staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.