About Us

With more than two decades of Wood flooring Ed Funtanellas decided it was time to follow the American dream and start Funtanellas and Sons.
A small family-owned business that provides the best quality at the best pricing. Free estimates start the process of getting you the highest quality wood floors . Installation, sanding and finish by Ed's veteran crew are what always put us at the top.
Pricing, quality and attention
to detail as well as the superior customer service. Makes FSHF what it is today. Thank you for choosing us we can offer the best pricing the best work and immediate service.

Let us make your floor just what you want.
Ed Funtanellas, Owner

Funtanellas & Sons Hardwood Flooring Inc.
P.O. Box 156
156 Kirkwood Ca. 95646, USA

Cell: 707-333-7883
Toll Free: 877-403-6636